Cosmo uses and endorses  the following products:

APPLE / MAC /Logic

Line 6:  JTV 69 Gtr, M20D mixer, L2T pwd spkrs,

POD HD Pro, Amplifi 150

Cordoba fusión: Orchestra CE Nylon

Taylor: GS MINI with LR Baggs pic-up systems

D'Angelico, Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Yamaha Guitars.

KORG Keyboards/Line6 mobile Keys/ Sonic Port VX

TC Helicon Voice Live Play GX


​Zoom RT:223

Wi Digital

Sennheiser:e935 vocal Mic

Yamaha Flutes and Bass Guitars

Pics of Friends and Bands I've had thru the years

Pictures  of  Artists I have worked with.

My first name is Bill / Billy or Willy on older recordings from 1979 Cosmo

I am a solo Guitarist , I play Keyboards and 8 other instruments. Singer and one man band!  I have been working for major music companies for the last 25 years traveling the world, doing guitar and keyboard clinics. I have decided to start performing locally! I play every style of music on a variety of guitars and some keys.

My song list goes from Louie Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles , Eagles, Earl Kluge  James Taylor, Van Morrison, Sting, John Meyer to current. I perform with live MIDI tracks that I have hand crafted. Other artist can sit in with me and I can take their instrument part out of my tracks! I also have a vocal harmonizer, my own PA system, multi- guitars, and keyboard that I use.

I can perform R&B /Classical Guitar/ Country/ Jazz/ Rock and standard songs.  I have worked with Ringo/ Joe Walsh/ RANDY Jackson/ Edgar Winters.. I toured with and performed on TV with Pat Boone/ Burgundy Street Singers/ The Farm/ Madam Tango ( Las Vegas Hall of fame). 

I can't always guarantee these kind of crowds when I perform. But I love Las Vegas and Las Vegas seems to  Loves me.

Cosmo Watts 



      I was born in Burbank CA:  William Cosmo Ray Watts (yes a native Californian) I Started playing Uke at 3 (see pic below).   

I moved on to Guitar at 5 and lessons at 8.  I started playing in bands when I was 15, even having a song listed on Billboard by the age of 19.

  I have two great (now adult) kids Solan & Neika. 

  I started working in Music Stores at a young age, also taught Guitar. Toured with my own bands as well as many other bands.

I have done Sound Design and Keyboard Programming  for Ensoniq /Emu/ Symphony/ Yamaha/ Donna Summers/ Atlantic Star/Wayne Newton/ Edgar Winter/ Ringo Star/Randy Jackson/

GooGooDolls/ (Johnathan Cain/ Keith Emerson-Voice Crytal)

I have worked for musical instrument manufacturers Ensoniq-EMU Systems-Alesis-KORG-MARSHALL-VOX-Line 6 and D'Angelico Guitars. I lived in Ventura, Flagstaff, Phoenix Laguna California.  I now live in LAS VEGAS

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